Poem to Get Your Attention

Originally published in Squelch #1

Show me your teeth, your stretch, your lip shape.
Lip smack, beak tap, the impact of name.
Spit, sputter, spent.
Step into my ribcage to fill up the space.
Pose until believable. Pose in frozen inertia.
A pose with lifted wing.
If you can focus, you will vaporize glass and let the birds fly in.
Banter without blink. Unrehearsed push.
Brush the fallen feathers from the windowsill and elicit a lack of sleep.
Spend time, waste time, kill time, execute time.
Execute bellow and reciprocity.
Squall, a reach for a reach.
Howl a name until the body appears.
Sing so loud it rattles eyeballs.