60 Second Spots


Condensed measures.
Easy to swallow.
Painless activation.

No longer will you burn in meditation.

Have the dimensions of each day deflated?
Do your vital organs lack incentive?
Is every new second tightly wrapped in dry latex?

Now you can indulge in immediacy like those of The Excited!
With our dazzling, mesmerizing, serpentine specialties,
you’ll extinguish that brooding fire between your grinding teeth!

Fresh from our fever labs, liveliness of the mind and spirit
can be reformed once more. Even tomorrow will stand on its feet
like a newborn war horse.

Resurrect your mental children!
Animate your dying future!
Unleash your inner ravenous cartoons!

For the exhausted populace suffering from idle time and leisure,
our counteragents offer a chorus of ambulances to your auditory walls.

One dose will fill your veins with sirens.


Premium reception has never been easier.
For your well-being, we give you symmetry and synchronicity!

No compromises.
No limitations.
No conventions.

Does the street corner saxophone moan for you alone?
Do your vocal fries stretch to prolonged croaks?

Perhaps you’ve noticed the nights broadcasting alarms,
all fog and no confetti.

Perhaps you’ve noticed
the bloodmobiles riding the air,
those stir-crazy ghost towns,
and the roads pumping stagnant stampedes.

Don’t worry. The wait is over.

At last, we have replaced the frenzy with empty space.
We have sealed stars with an innovative lid to lock in the astonishment.

Let us wipe the tears from your cries and mute your pain.
Let us take the bones from your dinners for convenience.
Let us modify your vision, glorify your virtues, emulsify your regrets.

For a low expense, the clearest dark can be delivered
to your choice of cavity free of chance and nerve,
free of venture.


I’ll let you in on a secret:
Those midnight markets that dominate
only sell sighs and slack jaws.

Every moment, people cough lightly
to diffuse the tension of making accidental eye contact.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Escape that inconsiderate drift pulsing like shallow breaths.
Escape the crowds on the beat with their mouths hanging open.

Find your influence and exploit!
Find your white-noise, black-monolith rest remedy!
Find some way to replenish!

If you trust us, we’ll apply crisp, sacred facades
to your bodily appliance
in five new flavors designed to liberate
tongue from gray matter.

Smash your goals of temporary alleviation!
Help yourself to fresh, clean obsessions!
Inhale those sophisticating vapors!

With our guarantee,
your lemon-scented fumes
will even make the skeptics
believe in lemons.


You’ve got a long way to go.
We’d like to help you get there.

We are the expert synthesizers of power relaxation,
the tamers of barbaric hair, feral paranoia, and the hysterical sun.

Folks, don’t waste your honeyed existence. Devour our deals!
Let our commodities exercise unprecedented eating action!
Look at how they grind and pulverize sobs into straightened spines!

Notice how our spinning numbers blow away hot ash,
leaving you with a smooth score and your shell cracked!

With our exclusionary offers, you can break yourself in!
Break into vitality! Feel it in your angles and curves.

You can be sure
our multipurpose merchandise
will have you howling for a handshake.

You’ll know it’s working when it seeps from your pores.
Rub it on your hands, under your nose, and behind your knees.

One phone call and we’ll give you back what you once had
for a reasonable cost of affection in countless installments.

Soon enough, you’ll be drinking large sodas like pop stars,
spending more time with colorful strangers and candid gods,
and seeing more at the end of the rain.