60 Second Spots

Condensed Measures. Easy to swallow. Painless activation.
No longer will you burn in meditation.
Have the dimensions of every day deflated?
Do your vital organs lack incentive?
Is every new second tightly wrapped in dry latex?
Now you can indulge in immediacy like those of The Excited!
Fresh from our fever labs, liveliness of the mind and spirit
can be reformed once more. Even tomorrow will stand on its feet
like a new born war horse. Resurrect your mental children!
Animate your dying future! Unleash your inner ravenous cartoons!
For the exhausted populace suffering from idle time and leisure,
our counteragents offer a chorus of ambulances to your auditory walls.
One dose will fill your veins with sirens.

Premium reception has never been easier.
For your well-being, symmetry and synchronicity!
No compromises. No limitations. No conventions.
At last, we have siphoned the effort from making memories,
removed the clutter of passionate rat kings.
We have replaced the frenzy with empty space.
We have sealed stars with an innovative lid to lock in the astonishment.
For a low expense, the clearest dark can be delivered
to your choice of cavity free of danger and chance,
free of venture.

You’ve got a long way to go. We’d like to help you get there.
We are the expert synthesizers of power relaxation,
catching you at your school with round numbers.
We are known for our surprises. 15% off unprecedented levels
of sophistication, comfort, and refinement.
Look at this eating action, how it grinds!
With our exclusionary offers, you can break yourself in! You can
be sure our multipurpose salves will have you howling for a handshake.
Expect Turbulence. Break into it. Feel it in your curves.
Rub it on your hands, behind your knees, and under your nose.
Inhale those calibrating vapors!
If you experience abandonment, you may be missing.
Let us wipe the tears from your cries.
Let us take the bones from your chickens.
Let us modify your hair, glorify your skin, emulsify your regrets.
One phone call will give you back what you once had.
Only a reasonable cost for affection.
Soon enough, you’ll be drinking large cokes like pop stars.
Spend time with your god, maybe share a Sweet Haze.
See more at the end of the rain.